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Even When Everything Stops

Title: Even When Everythin Stops (I'll Still Have You)
Author: twilight_rose1

Summary: What happens when everything....stops?
Rating: T
Notes: I totally made up on the spot so sorry if it doesn't make sense...

What happens when everything stops? The sun stops rising, the earth stops turning, laughter stops, smiles aren’t exchanged anymore? What happens then?

Arthur knew that things had been different Before. He could sometimes remember glimpses of a woman smiling down at him, his brothers laughing as they all played together.... But things had been different for a long time..... Arthur hadn’t seen his mother since that fateful day many years ago. His brothers had become worn and stoic.

As he had grown up, he had noticed that people slowly started disappearing. One day a person would be there and then all of a sudden they were gone- no trace of them remained. Arthur was never able to have friends as his brothers kept him away from everyone else that remained, but his brothers had friends (and these people were the closest Arthur had to any semblance of friends) and Arthur noticed that one by one they just.... stopped.

The first time, Arthur had asked his brothers where the person was and had been rebuffed harshly. After that he had learned not to ask questions, and became accustomed to the disappearing people.

But Arthur remembered Before and it had intrigued him. What had changed?

It had started, Arthur knew, with the sun disappearing. After that, it had started to get colder. A lot colder. The swiftly dropping temperature had driven the humans into compounds. And there, slowly, slowly, the colors had started to disappear, and with them, the optimistic smiles of the people around Arthur.

Then, one day, the people started disappearing. They started to die from the inside- their eyes hollowing, secluding themselves from the others, rarely coming out, until one day, they didn’t come at all. But that wasn’t the only way that people disappeared. The most disconcerting disappearances were that of people who were completely fine, just like everyone else, but they vanished off the face of the Earth unexpectedly one by one.

But now, Arthur knew what was really happening. He had been going to call his brothers for dinner and had heard them and some other people arguing. Now Arthur didn’t like eavesdropping, but he had heard Alistair mention the disappearances and that was something he really wanted to understand. The voices were muffled and Arthur didn’t know who else was in the room, but he heard enough to understand what was going on.

“We can’t just keep sending them out just because you think they’re useless! We need everyone we can get!” That was Dylan. Arthur recognized his soft, but firm voice.

“We don’t need people who are obsessed with the Outside and how things were Before. We need people who are focused on the future of humanity.” Arthur didn’t recognize this voice, but it was deep and thick.

“You’ve been sending so many people to their deaths!” This time it was Seamus who spoke. Arthur covered his mouth and thought of how many people had disappeared. They had all been sent Outside to die?

“It seems that the three of you want to disappear as well. Maybe you’ll take the littlest brother as well? After all, he’s a bit too curious...” Another unknown voice. When the person on the other side of the door mentioned him, Arthur hunkered down more to make sure no one saw him. He behind a statue of some knight that had been placed to the side of the door.

Arthur couldn’t believe that the people who were supposed to be kind and caring, who had taken Arthur and his brothers in when they had nowhere to go, were actually the ones behind the disappearances. It hurt to think that the people Arthur saw everyday had such dark secrets. How could they?

They spoke about how they were saving everyone, but then they turned around and killed the ones they didn’t like?!

Arthur was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t notice the voices getting closer and closer to the door. He jerked up in alarm and winced at the thud his skull made against part of the statue. An arm snaked underneath the statue and hauled him from underneath. Arthur tried to resist, but the man pulling him out was huge. He could see his brothers’ shocked and resigned faces behind the man but couldn’t see the other person that had been talking.

“It seems your brother wants to go with you.” The man had slightly tan skin with black eyes and equally dark hair. He was very well built and towered over his brothers, who weren’t that short themselves. Arthur had seen this person around before. A lot of the people respected him and from what Arthur had learned, he was the leader of the compound he and his brothers lived in.

Though it seemed they wouldn’t be living here for much longer.

Arthur glared at the man, and gave up trying to free himself. It was obvious that this person was too strong. The man chuckled darkly. “Good choice.”

The dark haired man then turned around and spoke to unknown people in the room. “Take these four to their room to pack their bags. They’re not needed anymore.”

Arthur was flung towards his brothers and crashed into Alistair.

“You...” Alistair was fuming at the man over Arthur’s head.

The man shrugged light heartedly. “I’m sorry Alistair. You’ve been such a great asset to this compound, but we don’t need people who question everything.”

Alistair growled and lunged towards the man but was stopped by the guards that grabbed his arms. Arthur flinched when two guards placed warning hands on his shoulders as well. A glance at his other brothers showed that they were getting the same treatment.

The four of them were taken to the room that had been given to them when they had joined the compound. The guards took them through pathways that Arthur had never seen before. When they got to the room, they were left inside to pack while the guards stationed themselves outside.

Arthur watched dumbfounded his brothers immediately go to the closet and start digging things out. Alistair resurfaced with four thick coats, gloves, and snow pants. Dylan got out warm inner clothing like sweaters and pants with fur lining. Seamus started taking food from the closet and throwing it on the bed.

“You knew this was going to happen!” Arthur’s exclamation got the attention of his brothers.

“‘Course we did.” Alistair’s voice was gruff as always. Alistair always acted like he was angry with Arthur for everything, but then he would go around and do nice things when he was sure that Arthur wouldn’t notice. It was the same with Seamus. Dylan, on the other hand, was pleasant, but always distant, though even he showed Arthur he cared when he thought Arthur wasn’t looking. Arthur guessed that non of them knew that Arthur had been noticing this since he was ten. “Now start packing this stuff up! Don’t stand around uselessly!”

Arthur blushed and immediately picked up the bags that Dylan had placed by the side of the bed. “Sorry.”

It took them an hour to get everything packed. The four of them put on the warmest clothes of the pile that Alistair and Dylan had taken out. Arthur could immediately feel himself start to sweat in the already comfortably warm air of the compound, but he knew that he would be glad for the thick clothing when they were outside. When they were done, the guards came and escorted them to what Arthur could only assume was a side entrance. He was still in shock with how much he had found out in two- or was it three- hours.

There was one door at the end of the long hallway that they were standing in. All of the brothers stared at it. The guards pushed the family towards the door.

“Go on. We don’t have forever.”

Alistair was the first to start walking. The rest of the brothers seemed to snap out of their dazed state when they heard his footsteps. They started walking too.

With every step, Arthur knew that he was leaving the only safe place that he had known off all his life. But... he was also leaving a place that was full of lies and people that thought of themselves. Now that he knew the truth, Arthur was sure that he would not have been able to keep living as if everything was the same as before- when he knew nothing. Besides, his brothers were with him and Arthur knew that, for all that they acted like they couldn’t stand him, they would never leave him behind.

Still, Arthur sucked in a breath when Dylan opened the door and suddenly a burst of cold air rushed in. Through the door, all that could be seen was snowflakes slowly drifting down and an arctic tundra reaching all the way to the horizon. He knew that once they went through the door, the four of them would be all alone once again, just like that cold frozen past that he sometimes dreamt of.... a time after the Before, but before the brothers had found the compound.

But he had his brothers. They hadn’t left him yet, and Arthur knew they wouldn’t leave him alone out there. And so, Arthur followed his brothers out to the cold wasteland to meet the struggles they would face in the future head on.


And all four of them survived long enough for Alfred and some other people to find them and were taken to their ‘village’ made of igloos. Alfred and Arthur became close friends and fell in love with each other. His brothers loved Alfred but made sure to give him the Talk properly (and scared the crap out of him but that isn’t important). And they all lived happily ever after.

Yeah... I don’t even know how this happened. I... just.... basically started writing and now I have a whole new story in my head. I’m probably not going to continue this.... It just happened.... still don’t know why....


Title: Pain

Author: twilight_rose1

Summary: Arthur had a surprisingly large pain tolerance. Which was a good thing, but not really helpful right now. Maybe this cheerful farmer could help him out.

Ship: UsUk

Warnings: None

Notes: Well, I was thinking about how much pain England would be able to stand and then this happened….

Arthur had a surprisingly large pain tolerance. His brothers had made sure of that with all their bullying when he was a child (the worst time was when they pushed him into a river-he almost drowned getting out). But his brothers weren’t here now. It had been almost five years since he had seen any of his siblings. The older ones had all moved out and gotten jobs and settled down to make big families. Mum was real proud of them. She always made sure to mention that back in the days Arthur had happened to visit with a gleam in her eye. As for Peter, Arthur had stopped visiting that house when Mum’s nagging to get a nice girl and settle down with her and her constant attempts at matchmaking had gotten to be too much for him. She already knew he didn’t swing that way anyway, but still continued to make plans for him. But he called every month to make sure Peter was doing alright and they had made plans to have him move in with Arthur as soon as he was of legal age.

It wasn’t that he hated his mother. It was just that for years she had been content to ignore him and let him fend for himself and Peter while she doted on the eldest of her children, Allistor. And then Arthur had grown up and gotten a successful job that payed a lot of money and suddenly Allistor was flung away and Arthur was the new favorite child. It was as if she expected him to forget all the isolation and “I’m sure he didn’t mean to push you into the river Arthur. Besides, you’re fine.”

Arthur supposed he had a high tolerance for emotional pain too.

However, his mother wasn’t here today either.

No, today he was all by himself in the middle of bloody nowhere because he had decided to take a roadtrip across America (a country he didn’t even live in for god’s sake- what had he been thinking?!) and forgotten to fill the car’s gas tank at his last stop.

And now, he was stuck sitting near the front of his car, because he had twisted his ankle when he tripped on one of the bloody cracks on the side of the road as he had gotten out. And the long stretch of road was completely empty- no one to be seen for miles as it was the middle of the night and no one in their right mind would actually be caught dead unless they were planning through the night and day (like he had).

Arthur guessed he should calm down and try to get back inside his car.

So he got up, cursing when he automatically tried to put pressure on his right leg out of habit (how was he going to drive now?! ), and hobbled his way back the driver’s seat, awkwardly opening the door and maneuvering so that he could sit down without any pain in the process.

Finally seated, he looked at his surroundings with despair. On one side was a large field of grain or something that seemed to stretch out infinitely. The same side greeted him on the other side of the road. Arthur was sure that he was somewhere in the middle of Idaho, but he had no idea where. He had been lost for ages before his car finally gave out.

Come to think of it, Arthur could remember a situation similar to this. He had been in London, and he was still in college. He and some friends had gone out drinking and for some reason, his drunk self had decided to walk all the way to his mother’s house. Her house wasn’t anywhere close to London and so he had woken up somewhere in the middle of the city with a huge hangover, a dead phone, and no money to use any of the phone booths. He had somehow gotten back to his hotel with the help of some kind strangers (which were a rare sight in London even then, everyone was so busy with their own lives).

If that situation had ended well, why not this one? Arthur supposed that he should wait until morning and then try to ask for help. In the meanwhile, he was going to get some sleep. He hadn’t slept properly in a while as he had started driving as soon as his plane landed. During the plane ride from England to America, he had been sitting next to an albino man that just wouldn’t stop talking for a minute about how awesome he was and all the great things he had accomplished in his life.

It had been a long day (two days actually, if you count the plane ride).

Arthur reclined the seat he was sitting in so that he could be more comfortable. He shivered when he heard a howl in the distance. He hoped a car passed by quickly when he woke up.

It was hard to relax in such unfamiliar surroundings though. He was still in an uncomfortable position on his back because he couldn’t move without the threat of hurting his ankle even more. As he shifted in place, he caught a glimpse of a sight that reminded him why he had wanted to go on such a long trip in the first place.

Through the windows, thousands of stars twinkled in the dark sky and the moon’s pale light fell on his face and lit up the inside of the car.

Arthur fell asleep staring at this gorgeous night sky. He had a smile on his face.


“Hey! Are you awake? Dude get up!”

A loud tapping on the side of the car and an obnoxiously cheerful voice woke a tired Arthur from his rest. He glared at the headache inducing sunlight pouring through the window (he could already feel the beginnings of one threatening to erupt behind his temple) before a shadow blocked it by leaning through the open back passenger door.

“I’m sorry, but you left the doors unlocked. Have you been out here all night?”

The owner of the voice seemed to have been clued in to Arthur’s headache for his voice had gotten softer, gaining a feather like quality.

“Ah, yeah. I have.” Arthur placed a hand on his forehead as he struggled to get up and was immediately reminded of his ankle. He let out a soft grunt of pain and fell down on his back once again.

“Oh. Are you hurt?” The voice started to pick up again, but Arthur couldn’t make out the face of the person in the bright light surrounding it. From what he could tell from looking at his built body and and the voice, he seemed to be a young man.

“I twisted my ankle during the night. I couldn’t see where I was going.”

The man hissed and moved to the front door to open it. “Okay. I’m going to get you out.”

“I can do it by myself! I don’t need help.” Arthur struggle to get up quickly. It was embarrassing enough that he had gotten stuck here in the first place.

The man chuckled and helped an uncooperating Arthur sit up. “I’m sure you can. I’m Alfred by the way.”

“Arthur.” Arthur grumbled out as he turned so that he was sitting sideways on the seat, his legs outside. The man kneeled down and now Arthur could finally see his face. Blonde hair, with strand defiantly sticking up, framed a youthful face. Sky blue eyes twinkled with merriment and full lips turned upward in a shy smile. Arthur was glad he was able to look away from the mesmerizing sight. He could feel his face warm up.

“Hi Arthur.”

“Hello.” Arthur hoped his blush wasn’t too noticeable. He looked back at Alfred when he started to move. Alfred got up and offered his hand to Arthur.

“Come on, my car’s over there. I’ll take you to my house and wrap that ankle.” Alfred’s voice turned playful. “I would carry you, but I don’t think you’d like that.”

Arthur took the hand, his blush getting worse as he spluttered in outrage. Alfred laughed as he helped Arthur stumble to his car. It was a truck with things heaped on the back. When they made it to the truck, Alfred ended up picking Arthur anyway to get him onto the seat. Arthur glared at Alfred when he was put down, but he just laughed and walked around the car to get into the driver’s seat. It was just a mile to Alfred’s house. Alfred chattered the whole way there and didn’t seem to need any input from Arthur except a hum of acknowledgement here or there. They turned on a road that was surrounded by a field.

“We’re here! This is my farm.” Alfred’s proud voice caused Arthur to smile.

“It’s nice.” And it was. The sky was calm and filled with fluffy clouds and a small breeze brushed through the fields, making the scene picturesque. A house came into view. It was a two story building with new looking white paint. “Do you live here alone?”

“Yeah.” Alfred’s voice turned sad as he parked the car. “I had a mom and brother but they left when I was ten. Never came back. My dad used to live here with me but he died a year ago.”

“Oh.’’ Arthur stared at Alfred, feeling horrible for bringing that up.

“But it’s fine!” Alfred seemed to sense Arthur’s feelings and brightened up. “I like living here.”

“Yeah.” Arthur didn’t understand how someone like Alfred could be alone. Sure they had known each other for about an hour, but Arthur could see Alfred was a bright, friendly person.

He watched Alfred get out of the car and come back to his side of the vehicle. He opened the door and helped Arthur get down and into the house. They got into the house and Arthur sat down on a worn looking couch. He looked around. The house was a bit on the messy side with knick knacks scattered around the whole place, but it gave off a welcoming feel.

“Here you go.” Alfred had left to the kitchen to get some food when Arthur had mentioned that he hadn’t had any dinner. Arthur stared at the food on the plate hungrily. There was bacon on the side and a stack of pancakes covered in maple syrup. He took the plate from Alfred and balanced it on his lap before taking the fork and knife from Alfred’s other hand and digging in. Alfred sat in the couch across from him and looked at him happily. “Wow, you were really hungry.”

“Mmmhmm.” Arthur made sure he wasn’t eating like an animal in front of his host, but still kept eating as fast as possible.

“I’m glad someone likes my cooking. I haven’t had people over in a long time.” Arthur stopped at this and looked at Alfred. He looked genuinely happy to have Arthur here, which made Arthur sad that he had been alone for a long time before this. Even Arthur himself had some friends, even though he knew that he wasn’t the best person to hang out with. To see someone the total opposite of him- someone who would make friends easily- so alone…. It made Arthur feel depressed.

Arthur looked at Alfred seriously and said, “It’s really good,” before turning back to his meal.

Soon, Arthur was finished eating and all that was on his mind was some rest. He had only slept for a few hours in the car. Alfred saw this and offered him one of the spare rooms to sleep in.

“But I’ve already taken enough advantage of you!” Arthur protested to an unyielding Alfred.

“It’s fine. I like having someone over.” Alfred said, making Arthur feel guilty enough that he agreed.

The room he was taken to was on the second floor and had a colored a soft sunset orange and was bare except for a soft looking bed, a closet, and two dressers on each side of the bed. There was a window overlooking the farm.

The bed looked like heaven for Arthur. Unluckily, Alfred made him sit down and let him treat his foot before he let him fall asleep. Thankfully, Alfred finished quickly and let him fall backwards soon enough. As soon as Arthur laid down on those smooth sheets and fluffy pillow, he fell asleep.

By the time he woke up, the sun was going down. Arthur smiled at the plate of food left on the right dresser with a note next to it that said, “I made this for you to eat when you wake up. By the way, I also got your car towed to the house and put your suitcases in the room. Come down when you’re done.”

Sure enough, his bags were sitting next to the door. Arthur turned back to the food and picked it up. The food was still warm so Alfred must have left it not long ago. When he finished, he wandered (hopping most of the way) down the stairs and eventually found Alfred on the porch staring at the sunset. He stopped next to him and maneuvered into one of the chairs.

“It’s pretty ain’t it?” Alfred said without looking away.

Arthur frowned, his love for grammar coming out. “It’s isn’t not ain’t but yes. It is very pretty.”

Alfred chuckled at the correction but didn’t say anything. Both of them stared at the beautiful hues of red and orange the sun cast on the sky. Arthur was in deep thought. He couldn’t stay with Alfred forever. He should find a way to get to a bus and find his way back to New York, which was where his plane had landed. He still had almost all his vacation left, and he could spend it comfortably in his own home.

Arthur glanced at Alfred, steeling himself to speak. “I think that I should leave soon. I don’t want to intrude anymore than I already have.”

Alfred gazed at Arthur in surprised horror when he heard his words and got up from his seat. “You don’t have to! You can stay as long as you want! You’re not intruding at all!”

Arthur was taken aback by how vehemently Alfred protested. He had thought Alfred would be glad to get rid of him. He knew his friends would have been. “But…”

Alfred stared at him seriously. “Is it that you have some important meeting or something?”

“Ah no.” Arthur blushed. “I was just taking a trip that’s all. I’m on vacation.”

Alfred nodded as if he had decided something. “Then you don’t have to go anywhere. You don’t have anything important to go to and you’re looking for someplace to relax. Besides you’re hurt! And….” Alfred stared at the ground with a blush. “I’d really like the company. I know we’ve only known each other for a day- and not even that, but I can see that you’re a nice person… And it’s been so long since anyone’s been here. I only see people when I go to the town or a city….. I’d really like it if you stayed.”

Arthur stared up at Alfred in shock. People didn’t usually ask for his company much less like it. He looked around the farm as he thought about the other points Alfred had made. It was true that did seemed like the ideal place to relax. It was quiet and peaceful and there was no one but Alfred. Arthur smiled at Alfred who looked hopefully at him. “I don’t think I’m pretty good company, but…..if you like having me around…. I guess I can stay.”

Alfred lit up and laughed, sweeping a stunned Arthur into a hug. “Awesome!”

When Alfred let go of Arthur, making sure to put him down carefully back into the seat, and he immediately started talking. “I’ll show you around the farm! You’ll love it. There’s Bess, one of the sweeter cows, and the chickens, and the horses…. Oh! And I can’t forget about Shadow- the cat….”

Arthur smiled patiently at Alfred as he kept babbling. The sun’s final rays shone on Alfred’s shining face. His excitement was contagious and Arthur couldn’t wait to see how the rest of his time here would go.

Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad of a vacation after all.

The First Meeting (Of Criminal and Guards)

Title: The First Meeting (Of Criminal and Guards)
Author/Artist: twilight_rose1
Character(s) or Pairing(s): UsUk, Us/Oc, Uk/Oc, Us/Oc/Uk
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: There is a threesome relationship
World Prison. A place where criminals all over the world are put when there is no other place that will take them. This Prison has the most hated convicts and the most high tech security and specialized guards. But a Prison such as this has so many mysteries that you could spend your whole life looking for answers and not even leave a dent....
Enter Alfred F. Jones. Bored convict who has been sentenced for life. His intelligence cannot be matched by any man on Earth-- something that the officers that had been in charge of his case will tell you freely. Maybe he can figure out the mysteries that lay waiting for him in the Prison? After all he has his whole life to search....

This was just something I wrote a little while ago for my 'universe'. (Link to an an explanation? of the universe here) It's basically about the first meeting of America, England, and my OC, Lux in an alternate universe. I must admit, I didn't really put any effort into this, so I'm not really satisfied with it but I also don't want to change it, you know? I don't really think I got the characters' feelings across properly and it kinda all fell flat but I can always come back to it later and make it better. As for this AU, I have a whole story in my head now but it's only a one shot of the first meeting. The pairing is mainly UsUk, but the OC is in a bit of an asexual relationship with them which I'm kind of nervous about..... I've babbled a lot, I'm just going to go ahead and give you the story now.

“Hey- hey you!” A smirking American in an orange jumpsuit called from behind a set of bars. His cell was at the end of a long hallway of prison cells so it connected to the intersection between four hallways. He was standing pressed against the bars of his cell. He had blonde hair, with one strand that defied gravity sticking straight up. His sapphire eyes were covered by smart looking glasses. “Yes you! Are you new? I haven’t seen you two before.”

Two guards stopped right before turning the corner. They were wearing formal uniforms with Angel wings on their right shoulders and Devil wings on their left. The taller guard had ruffled blonde hair and fair skin. His alarmingly large eyebrows twitched as he heard the call. Underneath those eyebrows were beautiful emerald eyes that flashed with irritation.

Arthur Kirkland turned around to look at the prisoner. Though he didn’t show it, but for the quick glance up and down, he thought that the man behind the bars was very good-looking. Of course, his words revealed him as a dunce. His lips twitched as he exchanged a glance with his companion, a dark haired beauty who was only an inch or two shorter than him. His black hair contrasted with his incredibly fair skin and his perfect pouting lips just added to his whole image of innocence and made a person want to protect him with all his might. His companion’s most beautiful features (according to Arthur), however would have to be his eyes. His left eye was as blue as the sky and as deep as the ocean, while his right eye was as green as the most beautiful forest, with it’s innocent leafy greens at the beginning that led to false trails and unknown depths. And in both of these beguiling eyes were swirls of brown which just heightened the effect of looking at the physical representation of life and death with all their mysteries and hazards.

Arthur’s companion smiled shyly at the blond prisoner, making the convict’s eyes flutter in surprise and look closer at his face. “No, we’re not new…. I just don’t think you’ve seen as before is all.”

“H-huh, I t-thought I, uh, knew everyone in this place,” the prisoner stuttered blushing and looking at the ground, temporarily stupefied by the male’s beauty.

“Well you obviously don’t,” Arthur joined the conversation with a scoff. “This place is called World Prison for a reason you know. There are so many mysteries and people here that you could spend your whole life and never find out all of them.”

The prisoner regained his leer as he looked over the blonde beauty in front of him. “Well, I’m in here for life so I guess I have enough time to make a dent or two in those mysteries. You never know.”

Arthur’s green eyes narrowed. Was this guy seriously trying to flirt with him from behind bars?

Seeing Arthur beginning to get angry, his companion quickly intervened before something that couldn’t be taken back happened. “U-um, what’s your name?” he asked, his mismatched eyes peering through his lashes, lowering his shoulders a bit defensively as the criminal’s gaze landed on him once again.

The convicts smirk widened as he looked at the (other) gorgeous blushing guard. “Alfred Jones. I’m surprised you don’t know my name. It’s been all over the news,” he drawled.

Arthur frowned. He hated cocky people. It reminded him of the frog.

“Whatever. Lux, let’s go. We’re going to be late to the meeting,” he snapped starting to stride away. Lux immediately straightened from his slightly hunched position and started to follow him, glancing back a little at Alfred.

Alfred blinked in surprise and called out quickly before Lux could move away, “Hey Lux, what’s grumpy’s name?”

“I-it’s Arthur,” Lux stuttered out quietly. Seeing the prisoner strain to hear him, his face colored pink from embarrassment once again and tried to raise his naturally delicate voice. “His name’s Arthur Kirkland.”

“Oh,” Alfred smiled reassuringly at the self conscious guard. Then he raised his voice so both the guards could hear him. “Well, it was nice to both of you!”

Arthur blushed angrily as he heard the prisoners behind Alfred’s cell starting to catcall.

“Lux! Hurry up!”

Lux squeaked and ran after him, looking back once to wave back timidly at the American behind him. The American watched attentively as the two guards joined hands instinctively, almost seeming not to notice that they were doing so if it weren’t for the small smile the British guard gave to the smaller one, who was once again flushing pink and looking studiously at the ground, as they once again made their way to their destination.

Long after they had left the hallway behind, Lux finally ventured to speak to Arthur, his hand squeezing the other guard’s, seeking reassurance. Arthur glanced at him with a gentle smile and squeezed back, waiting for him to talk.

“Arthur…. I don’t want to make you angry but that person was….” His voice trailed off as he glanced at Arthur, knowing he would understand with a single glance.

Arthur’s verdant eyes slowly widened in comprehension as Lux kept holding his gaze, staring at him meaningfully.

“Oh hell,” Arthur groaned. “He was the One wasn’t he?”


Far behind, back in one of the many hallways of prison cells in World Prison, Alfred F. Jones smirked at the ceiling as he lay on the ground with his hands behind his head.

“Two angelic guards in an open relationship in a prison,” he mused.

Suddenly his smirk seemed to deepen and became slightly malicious, azure eyes gleaming blood curlingly. “If that isn’t a mystery, I don’t know what is!”

He jumped up and shouted gleefully to the long line of aggravated prisoners behind him. “Dudes, this life sentence might not be so boring after all!”
Yeah... that's it. It's really short (sorry!). I actually have some other chapters written out that are much longer but I want to finish the whole thing before I post anything else- just so people aren't left hanging if I suddenly lose interest. I hope you liked it. Please tell me what you think!



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